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UK Foundation Program & International Year 1
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Build Your Bridge Towards Success 

Don’t let bad grades stop you from attending a top-tier
UK University

Why choose a Foundation Program? :

  • You can apply to university as early as 11th grade!
  • It is an alternative to A levels for those who find it tough or living in Pakistan do not have access to the right subjects for the major they desire such as film, or design.
  • It is a shorter alternative to A levels as it’s a one-year program and you can start your undergraduate program sooner. 
  • You can pick a foundation program specific to the major you wish to pursue.
  • Get into better Russell group universities even with 5 Cs in your O levels.

Why choose International Year 1?

  • International year 1 can be applied right after completing A levels.
  • Get into Russell group universities such as Durham, Queen Mary, Exeter, City, with grades as low as 3 Cs in A levels.
  • January start available for those who wish to start early. 

What services do we offer?

  • Decision Support: Unsure if a foundation program or International Year 1 is the right path for you? We provide personalised consultation sessions to help you make an informed decision about your academic future.
  • Top Tier University Selection: Gain access to a curated list of top-tier universities offering exceptional foundation programs. We will help you choose the institutions that align with your academic and career goals.
  • CV and Personal Statement Support: Stand out from the crowd with a compelling CV and personal statement. BGN will assist you in crafting the perfect CV for your field. 
  • Interview Preparation: Prepare confidently for university interviews with our specialised training. We offer insights, tips, and mock interview sessions to enhance your performance.
  • Visa Guidance and Document Support: Navigating the visa application process can be complex. We facilitate your student visa application during our end-to-end counselling sessions to ensure a smooth and successful visa process.

Invest in your academic success with our personalised consulting services – because your educational journey deserves the best support!