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Undergraduate counselling
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Embark On Your UCAS Journey

Start working with us as early as 11th grade

UCAS undergraduate program includes

  • How to plan for university 
  • How to plan for retakes + rechecks, subject guidance 
  • How to pick the right subject/major
  • Research different university programs and find the best fit 
  • Suggest activities/internships and summer programs like the Oxford summer program to boost your student profile
  • Get subject specific reading and research lists
  • Give you a detailed profile overview of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Give feedback on your essay drafts/university list
  • Outline application process, timeline & key steps
  • Shortlist what universities fall in your budget + available scholarships 
  • Assist in university essay/ personal statement brainstorming
  • We do not counsel transfer applications

UCAS undergraduate journey with BGN

Book a consultation with us and gain insights about your profile, what program and universities you are eligible for

After signing up end-to-end, have weekly sessions with in house activities to polish your profile for the UCAS personal statement. Learn to make those 4000 characters a selling point of you as a prospective student

Proof-read, finalise and submit your application before the deadline to maximise chances of admission and reduce the burden of chasing a deadline

Extra support after submission, for scholarships and CV building 

Prepare for your university journey with pre departure support from BGN!

Discover the right university major based on career interest
Profile building for Oxbridge/Russell
Group top-tier universities
Make a balanced university list
Financial planning and affordability with parents
End-to-End Support
School break planning: ECA’s,
volunteer work & summer school
Academic supervision to improve good grades
Personal statement brainstorming
and editing
CV making and interview preparation
Exam stress and time management